Choice Diesel supplies and maintains heavy commercial machinery.

Choice Diesel supplies and maintains heavy commercial machinery in Mozambique and South Africa. The company’s presence in Mozambique was initially centred around Beira and Maputo with a focus primarily on the North American heavy-duty truck sector. The company offered total fleet maintenance packages, covering from both trucks and trailers, to road hauliers in and around Maputo and Beira. 

From humble beginnings Choice Diesel has grown and moved with the Mozambican economy, identifying the changing needs in the country and finding the best possible delivery partners for this unique environment. The company has sales and maintenance solutions for all its clients. We offer a wide range of new and second hand on and off highway products ranging from trucks and trailers to heavy commercial equipment serving materials handling, retail, manufacture, agriculture, construction, mining and oil and gas users. 

As a family run business, we place a tremendous amount of importance on our relationships with our clients, our staff and our OEM suppliers and continuously seek to deal with all our business partners with respect and integrity. Our mission is to offer the best possible products that have exceptional spares availability and warranties to ensure operational efficiencies for all our clients.

Our ability to set up dedicated maintenance teams and infrastructures at the clients’ sites sets us apart from the competition and allows us long term relationships where we can support our clients’ growth.

Our vision is
“To be the most respected regional equipment solutions provider”
and we strive continuously to reinforce our customer relationships to ensure we never stop delivering quality products and service to our clients.

The Choice Diesel Team

Our team is very dynamic. We are always solutions driven and flexible in our approach to ensure clients get what they need, efficiently! With our extensive footprint and country reach we opened a centralised logistics hub in Nelspruit in order to ensure that one of the cores of our business – our supply chain - is effective and efficient. Our branch managers and teams on the ground work closely to ensure that all our clients experience excellent service. One of the company’s goals is; "To be a great place to work" and to this end we are committed to the implementation of progressive HR policies and procedures commensurate with employment and health and safety legislation.