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Putzmeister is a German manufacturer of concrete pumps and other machines for pumping, distributing and placing concrete, mortar and other high-density solids, and for preparing, temporarily storing, processing and transporting these materials. Putzmeister provides best-in-class equipment that is engineered to last. These machines and plants combine high performance, durability and low maintenance with economy, able technical supervision and customisation.

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Belt Conveyor

Combination Mixer Pumps

Concrete Mixers

Crawler Concrete Pumps

Gunning Machines

Line Pumps

Mining Equipment

Mixer Pumps

Piston Pumps For Mortar

Placing Systems

Pumps for Industry and Environment

Screed Conveyors

Shotcrete Machines

Solutions for Precast Factories

Stationary Concrete Pumps

Surge Hoppers

Trailer Pumps

Truck-mounted Boom Pumps

Tunnel Concrete Distributors

Underground Concrete Transport

Worm Pumps

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